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The kick ass punch/kick used by andy samberg in hotrod.
It is performed by punchING with both fists and a kick straight in front of you. All at the same time. It's very dangerous
I HATE YOU! ultimate punch!
by dylan michael sullivan January 09, 2008

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The act of punching straight forward with both hands and a foot all at the same time. First seen by the eyes of man when Andy Samberg performed it in the movie Hot Rod.

The Ultimate Punch, however, fails to be ultimate because it can never compete with the Falcon Punch.


Guy 1: (dies)
by damawesome February 19, 2009
when you simultaneously punch a person with both fists, and kick them in the balls too.
guy1: aw man, did you just see that pillow biter get ultimate punched?! :O
guy2: yeah dude, he took it like a champ!
by Dongslap November 24, 2008
the act of jumping off a building or high surface, of at least one story or higher, where the human body will NOT reach terminal velocity, and punching someone on the fall down.
"He just screamed Ultimate Punch, then he jumped off the three story building and puched someone who was standing on the ground"
by BallGag October 21, 2009