Synonym for the contraction: "I'm".

Can be used alone or in conjunction with a trailing "a", but in most of those cases, this results in dumbing the word down to a simple umma.
"Uh'm jussabout to come correct and wax that ass!"
by Zor Prime December 01, 2003
Top Definition
Uhm is a word often used by programmers when they respond to a question that has no context, or is way too stupid to answer.

Also used as a response to something inaccurate.

Also used with 'uh'.
Uhm, Well that is certainly WRONG.
Uhm. No.

Uhm, uh well, just remind me not to ever hire you. Ever.
by Emil June 22, 2004
A cross between "uh" and "um". Usually used when you are talking to a complete ass.
<Guy> Let's fuck!
<Girl> Uhm: FUCK NO. Asshat.
by CrimsonlyLuminous February 12, 2009
The sound that's made in lieu of commenting out loud. The sounds vary between sarcasm and sure delight.
A person feels strongly about his WRONG answer. Uhm
An attractive lady walks by. Uhm
by AS1968 June 11, 2016
1. A sound made by those who are rectally intelligent to realize that they must already have thought of an accurate response before opening their mouth to make any sound.
2. A sound created by an individual that enjoys hearing their own voice over answering any question posed to them.
3. An Annoying noise used by those whose who seem to be to afraid of speaking for fear of others knowing they are stupid
1. "Frank, how did you send the letter to the governor?" "Uhm, sent by... Uhm, way of chain... Uhm, mail to... Uhm, Russia."
2. "Frank, how did you send the letter to the governor?" "Uhm........ Ah.... Uhm.."
3. "Frank, how did you send the letter to the governor?" “Uhm, duh,.. ah.. Uhm, whatcha uhm, saying uhm.. duh….?
by Papa bauer February 11, 2006
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