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The big ass glasses girls wear that cover half their face, and all of their ugliness.
I was walking down the street checking out this fly girl when she took off her glasses. I said damn bitch you need to put those ugly blockers back on and cover up that pile of crap you call a face.
by The Foxe February 06, 2008
Those shades that guys where to hide there ugly mother fucking faces, but they have a rockin' body & huge cock. Even though they have some ugly face, we still fuck them, we'll just turn the lights off!
"EWWW. did you see that bitch with the ugly blockers?"
"Yeah, but his ass was tight!"
by Buttertoes ;) April 11, 2008
The glasses a girl wears that cover her face so you think she is hot until she takes them off when you find out she isn't.
I saw this hot girl walk into class with a pair of ugly blockers on. She took them off, and her face wasn't hot at all. I should have known, now I am stuck sitting next to a butterface.
by Big Ted Arlington February 26, 2008
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