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a person who looks like they fell out of the ugly tree and was beatin with the ugly stick for a 10 years
That girl is a ugg mugg!
by gangsta October 02, 2003
A truly unattractive face
1. I'm sorry but T.I. Could do soo much better, tiny has a whole ugg mugg.
2. Girl #1: girl why yu aint stop for that bul? He was tryna talk to yu!

Girl #2: eww cuz he got a ugg mugg, u kno I only stop for sexy niggas.
by Mz. LinaBaby May 15, 2010
a person with and ugly mugg, stated as an ugg,ugg cuz they dont deserve the letters "l" and "Y",mainly because they dont got no aliby they're ugly.
"why t he fine ones always gotta hang wit 12 or more uggmuggz?
by troop56 September 19, 2004
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