the correct spelling of "uber" which is a GERMAN WORD which STUPID AMERICANS decided to steal and make uncool. means "super, over, excessively, or way" If u ain't german, don't say it
Girl: oh my god! that purse is like UBER CUTE!

COOL german guy: Die Wort ist UEBER!. Sie ist haesslich und bloed! Du bist ein doofes Madchen!
by DISappear28-88 March 25, 2009
Top Definition
same as über just ue is used when you can't use diacritics
this is ... uebercool!
by pajusikk May 12, 2008
1. Relating to a certain part of male anatomy being above average in both length and girth.
2. Giant cock.
It's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway when im fucking her because her last boyfriend was ueber.
by Andrew Heinrich May 07, 2008
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