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One who contstantly sends out email invites to XBOX live events, and then stiffs because either he is so pussy whipped or he runs a fever of 98.8, and has 'sniffles.' Also known as an ass crammer, helmet browner, fudge packer, hershey highway rider, etc.
"Sorry I missed you guys last night, I had to rub my wife's feet, do the laundy and iron all of our socks, while my wife has a nap."

"Sorry I missed you guys, I was not feeling too well. My nose was a bit runny and I took my temperature, rectally of course, and I'm running 98.8 degree fever. Cough, cough."
by Marino Rules January 16, 2004
1 1
German term used to describe homosexuals that like leather underwear with the spikes on the inside
Hello sweetie, meet my friend Micheal. (in a whispering voice -> He's an Uber Khan)
by PM May 07, 2003
9 6
The one who made PowerMonger like a little UBER byatch!
Uberkhan'ed his little wimpy, camping MOFO chicken shit ass!
by Dude! Sweet! UK May 06, 2003
1 1
A Greek god. Handsome to the point where women often faint when in the presence of an uber khan.
That uber khan really gets the chicks! I wish I was as well hung as he is, said Andrew.
by SMIRK May 07, 2003
2 5
Isn't this a synonym for "pillow-biter"
Only in prison does one meet Uber Khan.
by PM May 07, 2003
1 6