A corruption of German+English taken to mean something that it doesn't.

uber geek: “UE-ber geek’y” from the german word “über” meaning over and the modern term “geek” referring to a technologically inclined individual.
I feel like an uber geek for knowing that über means "over" not "ultra."
by LuckyStrike June 22, 2005
Some kid that is a true geek.
Domenic M. is the biggest uber geek ever.
by HeadShot May 06, 2003
A guy who spends to much time on his computer and not enough time with other people
Nick Payne is a major Uber Geek.
by Italian Stallion September 26, 2004
One who displays the qualities of a geek to an extreme amount. Many ubergeeks display internet gaming and flash lingo in their daily speech. In a room full of geeks, the ubergeek stands out, often as the most irritating and socially inept person in attendence.
The ubergeeks in the corner quoted flashes and hummed the star wars theme so loudly that it greatly irritated the others in the room.
by brick January 18, 2005

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