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To pwn, or overcome, such as that he who receives the pwning is utterly shattered destroyed, tarnished, mauled and annihilated without clemency.
Person 1: I uber pwned James at CoD WaW yesterday.
Person 2: Wow, he must really be bad, because you are terrible.
by Saint Norbert February 20, 2009
To pwn to the highest degree. Even higher than an ultra pwn
Guy 1: Wow u just pwned that guy
Guy 2: More like uber pwned
by tfitzy2155 June 14, 2007
When you 'pwn' someone extremely '1337', you can also say you 'uberpwned' him.
<lamz0r> kekeke j00 got uberpwned!!!111oneoneone
by Grunt May 15, 2006