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Acronym : Utterly Fucking Useless

An adult of subnormal to below average intelligence having a mental age equivalent to a child of three to seven years. Someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way and will contribute absolutely nothing to the work at hand. Most commonly found roaming in the workplace but can be occasionally be spotted in everyday situations.

Proceed with caution: stress levels will elevate.

pronounced: oo-foo
A 'consultant' that specializes in a specific field, asking simple questions in their area of expertise; takes 4 hours to complete a task that takes 4 minutes ... u.f.u.
by Rich_C. December 01, 2010
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the acronym for Urine Flow Unit. pronounced by the letters: 'yoo-eff-yoo.'

a measure to describe the rate of liquid flow. one Urine Flow Unit, or UFU, is equivalent to the rate of a normal, unhurried piss. a full bladder may dispense urine in excess of one (1) UFU.

the utility of the Urine Flow Unit is not restricted to bodily fluid, but indeed any flow of beverage, water, or other liquid.

UFU is an American standard measure. To convert to metric, multiply by 1.54.
Whoa, the milk dispenser in D2 is really crankin' out the skim milk today. I'd say it's gotta be in excess of 4 UFUs.
by elemental September 04, 2006
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Uber Fucked Up

It's when "fucked up" isn't quite good enough.
"This is an UFU mess."
by kalgus August 25, 2012
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