asking people over again if they're UMAD?
It makes people angry.
It was made by deefizzy on youtube.
omg im so happy
by samanthalol May 27, 2009
Taunting others in a way that's hilarious. If anyone is actually stupid enough to fall for this the real joke isn't just the fact that they get angry, it's that they actually fall for something so overused and STILL take the bait. That is truly the funniest form of stupidity.
Person A: Shut up, and stop saying that.

Person B: U mad?

Person A (Moron): Fuck you.
by Mokona Zero April 02, 2013
1) getting muted since birth
2) raging at everything in life
3) angry all day, every day
Zak May, uMAD
by Jizzboro March 09, 2011
1.To ask if someone is feeling or showing anger or rage

2.To refer to someone as feeling or showing anger
to be incensed or enraged.
1.u mad ho u ova there tell em ducktales n u mad get life

2.u mad aint you huh?
by jessika davis January 11, 2006
a filthy, lying, deceitful little bastard with a bad attitude, a mouth like a sewer and a cock which refuses to rise, see also cunt
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
a man who bothers mothers
that umad won't leave my mama alone, the cunt
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
A dipshit response when some sissy kiddy on the net can't respond because he don't accept his ghey self.
Go fuckin' Smash go scram.

u mad?

u mad?

u mad?
by mistamontielito June 08, 2010
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