A mis-spelling or mistake, esp. When using a keyboard.
Happens a damn sight more often if you have really fat fingers.
Danny_0198: "Hlep me! my huose is o nfire!"
Elitist_cracker_1: "Fuck you, n00b, write properly. i don't consort with idiots who make typos."
Elitist_cracker_1 has signed off.
by DRAGON FORCE January 20, 2006
Mistakes made due to the fact that Kate's keyboard aka brain is broken.
kissssssmekate: rpf;
kissssssmekate: kik is thabb tlike a forb or soemthing?
kissssssmekate: o derr
kissssssmekate: omr dirnk
kissssssmekate: jo atheno :-D
kissssss me kate: whoa i just realized my hsorts are on inside onut

Kate (Cate?) makes frequent typos.
by Deadric November 02, 2008
A computer misspelling in which the author knows how to correctly spell the word, but accidentally pushes the wrong key(s) while typing the word.
I spelled 'malcontent' as 'malcntent', but my spell-checker caught the error.
by Diggity Monkeez February 19, 2005
1. Short for typographical error (mistake when typing, not indicative of not knowing how to spell)
2. used as an excuse when can't spell
3. synonym for fuck you, to those who point out any slips you've made, even if non typing related
1. Teacher: "Your paper shows THERI as an answer when it should be THEIR"
You: Sorry, typo
2. Teacher: "Your paper shows THEIR as an answer when it should be THEY'RE"
You: Sorry, typo
3. Teacher: "You put LONDON as an answer, when it's actually PARIS"
You: Typo!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada September 14, 2010
The plural form of typo, making typographical errors (see typo)
I made more than one typo; therefore, i made typos
by Chad Bueller February 03, 2009
A misspelling.
My favorite typo is when you mean to type something but it comes out so horribly wrong that you question your intelligence. This happens to me about once a week.
by Mirichan April 29, 2010
typographical error. you typed something wrong
person1:h3y wh4t's upp?

person 2: What?

person1:u can't re4d? i sed wat's up?

person2: typo!

r u commin 2 mah house tonight?

you need to spell right, typo.
by Naughty . Dotty . August 13, 2009

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