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A typo resulting from an undesired autocomplete or autocorrect of text entered on an iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device.
Incompetent Doctor texts: "See you in September."

Angry Patient texts back: "I'll see you in he'll first you quack!"

Angry Patient shouts to no one in particular: "Argh, a typho. Damn that autospell."
by Peekatus March 11, 2010
Typhoes is slang word for typos when you are on any website typing and you suddenly mess up a word that you type. It is the same as typos but they say typhoes to either be funny or include the word hoe

smoovegroove: Hey what's up?
vainintheflesh: Not much just chlleing
vainintheflesh: Omg stupid typhoes!
smoovegroove: Lmfao...typhoes xD
by Ravishing Ren August 10, 2008
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