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type 2. identifiable by a small but tubby body, maybe a mustache, seems not to care about how he dresses. type 2 is usually outgoing and positive. brightens the world around him. laughs often. as a result of bullying most type 2's can ignore physical and emotional pain. except heartbrake, which will cause extreme depression. type 2 falls in love early and never falters. speaks comfortably with all girls, but speaks best with the one he loves. you can tell if a type 2 is in love with you by a quick smile, darting glances, eagerness to talk to you and/or constantly asking about you and your life. is often bullied due to his kindness and selflessness. will do anything for the girl he loves, even if its illegal. type 2 is often unsure how to handle love, if you think a type 2 is in love with you confront him, he will admit it. be careful not to break his heart. remember that he would do anything for you, and expects nothing in return. if you cannot love him back just tell him. he will understand, he will want your happiness, but he may not move on. if you decide to date a type 2 remember that he may not be very confident in himself. give him clear instructions. he will eventually learn and become a great boyfriend.
you will love your type 2 josh
by weallloveali November 08, 2013

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