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The Wolf Web. A messageboard that will make a n00b cry if spotted.
I'm going to post on tww and get pwnt.
by dweedle July 08, 2003
tiger wood's wife
refers to someone who finds their significant other cheating and goes straight up ape shit whipping their ass
jane- so you cheating on me huh? okay. i got somethin for that ass. You wanna maKe a bitch go TWW. COME HERE!!!!

joe- baby i swear i didn't touch that girl. Put the bat down!!!(runs out the door)
by Roxxanne22 May 02, 2010
TWW – is Texting While Walking
She was TWW, it must have been important.
by pomahony2 September 11, 2013
Time Well Wasted
Joe "dude we did nothing at school today it was so totally TWW"
by annihilate17 June 10, 2009
Teenager with Wrinkles. A guy (either sex) substantially older than the teenage partying set but who is nonetheless accepted due to conforming in behaviour, attitude, dress and coolness.
Spoken as "Tee double doubleyou"
"Your step-dad is a real TWW"
by Peter TWW August 02, 2009
A gay ass message board where internet dorks congregate to make themselves feel like they have a life.
Everyone is going bar hopping tonight. Pizzaface is going to sit in his dorm room and masturbate while talking trash on TWW>
by C16 September 09, 2003

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