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two pair, as defined by Nelly's lyrics.
I need me two per of Nike's Air Force Ones
by Jumama January 06, 2003
A fan who takes part in the forums in the "Television Without Pity" website.
If you're not a fellow TWoPer, you probably won't recognize my Tyra reference.
by SharleneSanFrancisco October 15, 2007
A person with Borderline Personality Disorder. Sometimes other personality disorders can get grouped into this definition. The origin is that 1.9% of the population suffers from this personality disorder. By definition, approx 2% of the peopple walking this planet, are nuts. See also: Britney Spears
Hey, check out the hot chick. Shes probably a twoper!
by Brian Howarth February 05, 2008
noun. one who is limited to only two sexual positions, lacking creativity and flexibility. Usually, this is an ironic state of being, where one might be well equipped in beauty and brawn but unable to perform outside of usual surroundings, keeping to secure practices such as the missionary position.
I dumped that guy because he had all the goods but sadly he was a twoper.
by Poco Cornell January 17, 2008
is a really quick shit close to two minutes may even be a non wiper
Dude we cant go yet i gotta take a fucking twoper
by Dirty Dally November 03, 2009
When your iPhone is on 2% and you know it'll die if you don't get to a charger within a few seconds.
Josh - Dude, why didn't you text me when you got here?
Dan - Sorry, bro. My phone pulled a two-per.
by anythongyouwant April 30, 2015
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