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Two jokes in one means when you're in a group of people and make a mean but really funny joke about anyone while someone in the group is connected to that anyone or it can be about anyone in the group but they don't get it. Also when you make the joke, usually you must let a couple friends know about it before you say it. The ending is priceless because you and a couple of friends end up laughing with the person the mean joke is about or connected to. Sometimes though you give a hint to the person you joke about and when they answer, your friends will start laughing hysterically while you say, "Oh, my bad man I didn't know that you...." or something like that. If you don't play dumb in the end, your friend may not like you.

There's also three, four, and five jokes in one. Three jokes in one is same as two jokes in one but the friend that you're joking about adds more stuff to the joke while being completely oblivious, making it three jokes in one. Four jokes in one is like three jokes in one but another person who wasn't following the joke or conversation, or doesn't even know what's going on, says they actually and honestly know or saw what you said. And finally five jokes in one is like four jokes in one but a person who didn't hear everything correctly starts talking about something completely different that is very little or completely not related to the original joke. There is no one joke in one because that's just an ordinary joke. Two jokes in one are 2 points, three jokes are 3, four jokes are 4, 5 jokes are 5.

This is all intended as fun things to do while hanging out with a group of friends.
Two jokes in one.


Man I met a girl yesterday and she is just plain dumb. She's kinda chubby and always wears these stupid gay colored flip flops. In this case you don't even have to let your friends know because they'll notice right away.

I went to the dealership and looked at some Hyundai cars. I can't believe people buy that kind of shit. Someone in the group has to own that car and others must know that too. But for the joker to get away with it, he or she has to play dumb and not know about the car.


This one is really tough to get right at the right time, but imagine you say something that nobody could believe one of your friends would do, and soon after you say that another friend comes from somewhere and does the exact thing while completely being oblivious to it. This is when you say "talking about the devil".
by ice breaker September 17, 2007
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