A dude that jams out with a guitar all the time and talks like a surfer. He always has to pick up twizzlers on the way to his band practice!
Ya, Keither I totally will pick you up some twizzlers on the way to our fantastic jam session... right on bro.. like totally!
by ha dizzle wizzler December 07, 2006
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the act of crossing the index and middle fingers and inserting them into a woman's vagina with a deep thrust.
she never called me back after i gave her the twizzler last week.
by erik October 07, 2003
a type of licorice candy made by the Twizzler company!
Bob saw a movie while eating twizzlers that he had gotten from the concession stand.
by Suck it up Loser May 04, 2006
Probably the most bad ass candy HANDS DOWN.
Damn I love twizzlers.
by Kamikazelettuce March 01, 2008
A tasty licorice whip treat that comes in Licorice, cherry, strawberry, grape, and my all time favorite, chocolate. Made by Hershey.
Twizzlers kick ass bro. Anyone that doesn't like Twizzlers, should have someone stick one where the sun don't shine, do some in and outs with it, THEN taste it, slappy! You'll be sayin' them Twizzlers is God!
by Andi February 14, 2005
Best. Licorice. Ever.
I like twizzlers. :)
by Twizlover March 15, 2005
When two men of roughly the same length wrap their penises around each others like a Twizzler. Can be used as a method for double penetration.
When bored, me and my roommate pull down our pants and create the Twizzler for laughs.
by hahaman91 March 10, 2011
A small and light woman, named as such due to the fact that one could quite easily spin her around whilst she was on one's cock.
Wow, Check out that twizzler - I'd love to fling her around the room.
by Julia-Jules December 04, 2006

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