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The jealous rage you find yourself in when you discover through twitter that your significant other has been dating someone else behind your back.
I was sooooo twitterbitter to find out that the two of them were having a secret rendezvous.
by jlowe1964 May 20, 2009
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Being so sick of Twitter, even the mention of it brings on a nausea and sometimes a violent rage. Twitter-Bitter can be as mild as dry heaves and a light rash, or as extreme as loading your rifle, and looking for the nearest bell tower. There is no known cure.
1. The minute Jenny started to mentioned Twitter and her ridiculous mindless , and seemingly endless tweets, I became Twitter Bitter and wanted to punch her in the face.

2. I refuse to have a twitter account. I find the concept of it ridiculous. I am Twitter-Bitter.
by MoDacious-AltaLoma March 09, 2010
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twit-er bit-er (adj) When a tweeter is bitter or upset about not receiving a reply to a Direct Message (DM). Also occurs where the tweeter does not receive any feedback on his or her status.

Manifests itself frequently in late night rants to which no one replies because it is the middle of the night, thus resulting in an endless cycle of culminating twitter-bitterness.
Don't be all Twitter-bitter just because I didn't see your DM yesterday, bitch.
by DJ Hearing Aid July 20, 2010
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