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tweeting on twitter without having to use the word "tweet." commonly used as a hashtag #twitterflicking to demarcate that tweet as being for the hell of it.
"What are you up to?" "Nothin', just twitter flicking."
I just sat on a chair. #twitterflicking
Megan flicks her twitter like thirty times a day.
by PLATINUMperk April 25, 2011
1. v. The act of Tweeting. Often used as a hash-tag to indicate that there was no meaning for the Tweet aside from the desire to have Tweeted.
2. To describe the act of one using (flicking) their Twitter account.
I just saw a rhinoceros today at the zoo. #twitterflicking. Man, Betty flicks her twitter like 50 times a day. "Whatcha doin on your phone there?" "Aaww nuthin, just twitterflicking."
by Platinumperk April 02, 2011
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