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n. Someone who, after seeing an anti-conservative trend on twitter, tweets with the hash-tag in question with no clear knowledge of anything political. Usually will include in the tweet something along the lines of: misspelled words, inaccurate statements, blind praise of a political figure (notably praise for Obama for being black), etc. A majority of these people give other liberals who actually have valid opinions a bad name and only tweet with the hash-tag as a means to gain followers due to their shallowness.
Molly: "Oh my God! I can't wait for Obama to come give me free abortion pills!"

Joe: "Molly, shut up. The president doesn't have that power, stop being a twitter liberal."


Andy: "Oh yeah, the GOP is totally going down. No way any of them are gonna get re-elected."

Marc: "And where did you get that idea, Andy?"

Andy: "Twitter, duh. The GOP is totally gonna disappear."

Marc: "Fucking twitter liberal."
by radik June 02, 2013
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