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Let me be the first person to describe the term. If you are twin sided then: Twin sided is a personality trait where you might act one way and feel another, or feel like one way and your behavior signifies another, typically on purpose to fool people. Replying in sarcastic remarks that make people feel like your angry about something but you might be joking, seemingly having two personalities at once, act like someone's best friend and then turn a cold shoulder out of nowhere. NOT to be confused with back stabbing. If you have a twin sided personality you might say things that appear to have two meanings at once, seeming as if your in two different worlds simultaneously, being happy one minute and then can throw a temper, quick silver personality, dual sided personality, a distant cousin of being two-faced. Wolf dressed in lamb wool. Acting as friend working as spy type scenario. Bad Example, mack daddy who plays it off like he is compassionate but just wants to get laid. Twin-sided; Notable in the zodiac sign Gemini. Sneaky, deceptive, concealed intentions, unpredictable to some degree, mercurial, drunken monkey style, femme fatale like, leading people down one path and taking another, ninja like, NOT to be confused with having a mood swing, chameleon like in persona. of two minds, NOT to be confused with being a hypocrite, although some people that are twin sided are hypocrites. Expressing one view one day and then changing it another and making it seem like you haven't. Fickle like. Of two minds. Throwing people off with a verbal dexterity where they can't pinpoint exactly what your about. switching it up.
Dana is twin sided because she will appear irritable or sarcastic with a biting sense of humor, but its to be taken with a pinch of salt because she doesnt mean anything by it. Imran can be kosmo like one day and serious another
by TheeImran October 28, 2006
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