A website like Twitter, for twelve year old girls who are obsessed with Justin Bieber. Twieber started when Bieber was banned from trending on Twitter. Beware of going on it, for it'll scar you for life.
Girl 1: omgomgomg have you seen twieber???i LOVE it justin OWNS tiwtter sub4sub!!!!justin <3333

Girl 1: Yeah I have, and I never want to go back.
by kellylg May 22, 2010
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the monstrosity if twilight and justin bieber ever mated.
Guy 1: If Justin Bieber and Twilight ever got together. It would be a sign of the apocalypse.

Guy 2: no....twieber would be the apocalypse.
by Justv87 May 02, 2010
Just like twitter but have stupid Justin Bieber fans tweeting about him.
OMG.Did you go on twieber?

No, I didn't.I don't like that girl!!!
by J.BiebsSuck May 16, 2010

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