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Texting While Intoxicated. A newer version of drunk dialing. TWI is the phenomenon that happens when your inhibitions are lowered by the use of alcohol and you boldly send a text to someone who, if sober, you otherwise would not have.
You receive a text past midnight from an ex that says, "You are still the hottest person I know." Your current partner reads it and says, "Well your ex just got another TWI."
by iamyou March 31, 2009
42 18
One of the primary languages spoken in Ghana (usually by the Akan).
Hey, I heard that Ghanaian guy speaking in Twi.
by sazzlefrazzle May 02, 2005
75 21
Totally Wit It

to be willing to participate in something
You and yo girl wanna have a three way over at my crib? I'm totally wit it.
by Street's Disciple November 13, 2004
63 35
twister while inebriated, othewise known as the act of playing twister under the influence of alcohol.
Hey dude, lets T.W.I tongight!
by Lisa and Amy October 26, 2006
24 11
"This is Why I'm Single"
"I'm homeschooled" #TWIS
by #TWIScreator April 07, 2012
9 2
Internet shorthand for "that's what I'm saying."

Meaning the person wholeheartedly agrees with the concept of the previous statement.

see that's what I'm saying
> He's gotten heavy.
> He needs to get his ass to the gym.
> twis!
by tojified July 14, 2009
13 6
stands for Totally With It
She walked by asking me “Are you Nas?”
“If you was I’d be so T.W.I”
“What’s that?”
“Totally With It. T.W.I”
by NoNamer May 24, 2008
13 7