Twelve, "The Almighty Adversary". Often fought, rarely vanquished, Twelve is large and singular at the same time. Twelve, one ..two, comin' atcha. Unghh!
Example one:
1st person- "Hey, you wanna go fight Twelve?"
2nd person- "Yeah I'll fight."
(a cigarette is smoked)
Example two:
1st person- "Can I get your number?"
2nd person- "Twelve."
by Greg Gilman January 18, 2004
gay. instead of being caught for saying 'gay', just say twelve instead
person1: look at that guy, he is so gay
person2: no, mate, he's twelve.
person1: no, YOU'RE twleve
by bill scriven February 25, 2006
a dyme that gets 2 extra points for having a really good personality.

the two extra points is for personality (only crack heads add extra points on a scale of one to ten based solely on looks plus using any number higher just makes you look stupid).
scenario 1
Person A: "A dawg, that shawty right there is a twelve!"
Person B: "You mean a ten?!"
Person A: "Naw, plus two for personality."

scenario 2
Person C(for crack head): "Hey that girl is a FIFTHTEEN!"
/everyone looks at him funny/
Person B: "what are you smoking?"
by chewbaccaie February 08, 2008
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