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1) someone who tries to advertise porn via twitter
2) a spam account on twitter that is worth the literal equivalent of week old jizz

Much like how you can catch STDs from skanky people in real life, you can catch yourself some nasty computer diseases from everyday little tweet skeets.
1) balkrykjhg: Hilton,Briteny,and many more celebs, naked
2) oiugeskgh43: I MADE THOUSNDZ ON TWETRR!! link link link

"All my followers are tweet skeets... I need friends."
by suyinmei August 22, 2009
noun. verbal ejaculation on twitter lacking quality or substance
verb. the act of verbally ejaculating on twitter
These posts are tweetskeet.
Tweetskeeted all over that post. Nyah.
by toycg0 July 25, 2009
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