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Tweed Breeds are located in Tweed Heads, Northern NSW. They are usually found dressed in nike shox and bum bags, or bare foot. They also usually wear snapbacks and usually have a rat tail or mullet. They usually fight in packs of ten and hang around areas such as tweed skate park, bypass, streets of coolangatta, eagle, or arkinstall. They are usually aged between 12 - 18. They smoke, steal, fight, swear, root and drink. A tweedbreeds vocabulary doesn't get much further than "putrid, grit, cunt, slut, mutt, dawg, mooxie, fuck and blat" Tweedbreed rivals are murbah, palmy army and kk87.
"why are you 12 and smoking?"
"cos im tweed breed cunt"
by mnxjxdhvfgb al/n cjk hoeqhvfnc December 12, 2011
A Tweed Breed is a person from Tweed/Tweed Heads in the north east part of New South Wales. Tweed Breeds live in the slums.
Person 1: Where you from?
Person 2: Tweed!
by jh1234 December 16, 2007

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