A small rucksack with a velvet and/or tribal pattern on it, typically carried by those wishing to appear hipster/indie.
Person A: "She thinks she is so cool carrying that velvet tribal patterned rucksack"

Person B: "Yeah, she definitely thinks her twatpack is the one"
by The Egregious Bone April 30, 2012
Top Definition
A clutch of twats (womans genitalia) more than one twat, other wise known as a bunch of cunts
watch out here comes the twatpack
by johnfannyloz December 24, 2006
A collective of public transport using, suited, wheeled bag dragging imbeciles often found clogging up public transport networks just when you need to get to work.
Had to fucking slog my way through another massive twat pack getting here sugar flaps, hope your pleased with yourself.
by Ninjaprints October 27, 2011
this is another term for fanny pack and you can often fill it with cock
melly: i got a new twat pack the other day and some prick filled it with cock
by dave February 21, 2005

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