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Inner city slang for oral simplex B: Herpes
After John gave Christina a tongue basting, he went home with a nasty case of the twatlip.
by "Mighty Dave Wilson" November 30, 2003
3 2
1.a person so doucheish that that word does not even even describe them. Hence becoming twat lips
2.The ruffles that surround the pussy resembling cow tongues
Those girls twat lips were so disgusting, i decided to titty fuck her.
{john}you and your wolfmane girlfriend combined DEFINE twat lips.
by Skrillex April 24, 2006
15 7
lips that look like a twat
lee i like yo twat lips
by vagian August 23, 2008
3 2
Vaginal lip. A coochie lip. Slang- Slut Whore
Cosette is such a twat lip! She sleeps around.
by JAR82 August 22, 2008
0 0
The word twatlips can be used as a derogitory term towards others. It means the actual lips of the female vagina.
You fuckin twatlips!
by K e v i n July 29, 2006
1 4