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1. A Blackberry or data device kept inside a vagina by a female obsessed with sending text/e-mail messages.
2. A female who is obsessed with sending messages on her Blackberry.
3. A female who can not help from sending text messages at inappropriate times.
"She e-mailed me on her twatberry"
by L. S May 13, 2008
What they should have named the Blackberry - this is used to refer to 'people' who ponce around on their Blackbery's, act as though their 'working' or 'very important', or bump into you as they're not looking where their going - really, HOW important is it to get an e-mail in the 5 minutes when you pop out for a latte?
Look at that c**t on his twatberry, how important CAN receiving an e-mail be, he's only 2 minutes away from his office! what a twunt.
by The Master of Definitions November 20, 2008
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