When a person with a vagina has "bags" of skin under the clit to show that she has had to many sexual encounters with men.
"shut up you twat bag!"
by Cyle/Chris September 03, 2006
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An insulting name for a person who is weak, annoying or just an easy target for insults.
Shut up or i'll break you, you squeaky little twatbag.
by Jon K September 28, 2003
A pair of women's panties
I'd like to get into her twatbag
by Valerie September 09, 2003
A twat bag - a name for someone who is an idiot but it's true meaning is a vagina with a ballsack hanging off of it . This is not actually real but... Imaginable
One direction are nothing but a bunch of twat bags!
by kRaZ3_L0Y4LTY_01✌️👊 June 19, 2015

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