A really nasty, annoying, or stupid person. A combination of twat and badger. So it could be either a sex pest, or female genitalia twice over for emphasis.
<Driving. Cut up by some idiot>
You twat badger!
by Simonster June 08, 2006
Top Definition
the ultimate insult, often used by penguins in cartoons.
Jeff the penguin: i forgot your birthday
Bob the penguin: you twatbadger
by Bob Fulstow October 30, 2004
a mixture of cocoa powder, maca and sherbert, put into a line and then snorted. it is thought absorbing the super foods through the nasal passage is the best way to consume them. twat badger is often found at small uk festivals.
dave: i am feeling well rough today
carl: best have a line of twat badger to brighten yourself up
by bubblehahahahahahahaha July 29, 2014
A sly untrustworthy person.
I got served by this right twatbadger at the car showroom, I think I might have got fucked over big style.
by Spongmonkey July 22, 2010
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