(noun) Trace elements of fountain soda which contaminate water at fast-food restaurants when the water line shares a spigot with a soda line.
Alex: I thought you were just getting water? That looks like tea.

Norb: Nah, it's just the twaint.
by Rev. Nørb May 20, 2010
The act of pulling out of the vagina and slapping and rubbing the clitoris with the penis head.
Bitches jeans look like they painted on. Ima get that pussy twainted on.

I was twainting when I busted.
by Twaintin tyrant November 25, 2009
The area between the vagina & asshole to provide plenty of time to wipe away semen before entering the asshole. (0)
I wiped my twaint.
by KENNYMOSSONEWORD August 30, 2007
The twaint is that part of the taint which is closest to the twat
The twaint,not to be confused with the entire taint, is the small area which requires special treatment due to its proximity to the vaginal opening.
by The old master tainter July 30, 2009
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