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Term used to describe when you are in desperate need of a shit and the crap starts to nudge your underwear.
Wheres the bathroom, I've got a turtles head coming through.
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
The first part of a turd that will poke itself out for air, when yo' ass is fit to bust.
'When the turtle's head pops out, you're on borrowed time...'
by ant July 26, 2004
The appearance of a turd out of the anus
Hurry up in there - Ive got a turtle's head!
by Tracey August 29, 2003
The initial protrusion of a stool though the teal towel holder ,the point at which contracts are exchanged for the building of a log cabin. See also touching cloth; touching socks.
I better rush off mate, the turtles head is getting curious and wants to come out to build me a log cabin.
by Moose McEvil December 06, 2005
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