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To brag (or 1-Up) in a reflexive and annoyingly rapid-fire manner.
Do not invite Eric to any of my parties because he will turtle-tip about his most recent trip or promotion or raise or how otherwise perfectly ideal his life is, and I will want GAME OVER.

Penelope is such a Turtle-Tipper! She can't stand to hear someone else get a compliment without chiming in to brag about how her experience is at least slightly better. Princess had the right idea by constantly being in another castle!
by GoGoGoRoVo May 01, 2014
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The act of recieving many extra lives on the original Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo. At the end of world 3-1 you bounce on the turtle coming dowm the stairs leading to the castle thus increasing your extra lives.
The same as beetle bumps except much easier to do.
John: Dude, dont forget to get your turtle tips when you get top the end of world 3-1 because you really suck at this game and you need all the lives you can get.
Mark: Oh yeah; thanks for reminding me.
by Copernicus P. Einstein July 02, 2009

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