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An affectionate term of endearment used to call a lover when they want to be cute or annoy the fuck out of their friends.
Hey turtle bunny, come here baby!
by LBCbaby December 28, 2005
Turtlebunnies are a mix between a turtle and a bunny. They are slow and fast at the same time.Turtlebunnies are known for their allegiance to the Confederate States of America. They are very hostile and dangerous and should be hunted on sight. They hate squirrels and penguins who built the great Squirrel-Penguin States of America.
"Oh my goodness! It's a turtlebunny carrying the Confederate flag! ATTACK!!"
by Axel_Bikesalot December 24, 2012
referring to but not limited to the blending or blurring of such ways of framing reality that does nothing but pigeonhole the vision and thoughts of normally interesting and good willed people
Dude, don't go all turtlebunny on me, ok.
by turtlebunny September 19, 2009
A woman with a very attractive Body, but a less than desireable face.
That guys girlfriend is a Turtle Bunny
by R1ch1e January 23, 2008
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