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Turry Is the "Gangsta" way of saying "Terry" Since my Name is Jerry My Friend CaLLs Me 'Jurry
Jurry: SUp Turry!
Turry: SUp Jurry!
by Jurry December 02, 2004
The act of getting with a number of sluts or whores in a row with barely any time for breaks. Someone can feel turrytastic if they want to turry.
Tom: I was down to turry when I went to the Britney Spears concert, bunch of emotional sluts there. I did it, and I hooked up with 30 straight sluts!
Kevin: Go to a doctor.
by The Turry Master August 02, 2010
something or someone who cannot perform tasks well or a weak attempt at accomplishing something.
Daves attempt at comedy was just Turry
Did you see that news story? it was just Turry
by TheDictionarian May 10, 2011