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A HUGE piece of shit
man:dude u've been in the bathroom for 50min!!
man2: yeh i just released a turdzilla..
by ZING9 January 14, 2007
A poop coming from human excretion in a public restroom that is so large and mighty in size, the owner cannot flush it in order for at least one other person to gaze upon it and bask in all its glory.
That turdzilla i left in the old peoples home was so huge the next person to see might be afraid it will attack
by rgloc February 19, 2009
a big monster like Godzilla that is made from shit.
Is that Godzilla?

No its turdzilla, you don't smell him? You might need to get your nose checked..
by squirtmouth June 16, 2015
a rock band from richmond Virginia where the lead singer wears a turd suit and has sexy french maids and costumed cats.
Did you see the last video of the Turdzilla French maid with the war hammer yet?
by Turdy fan June 17, 2009
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