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A sneaky impish person who lives off of stolen feces. Their relentless pursuit of fecal matter deprives them of any real human contact, as such they are detested by all civilized society.
Man, that David Eckstein is a real turd burglar.
by Dicktionarian June 02, 2010
A lame acquaintance that does things that grind your gears and one that you have nothing in common with.
Allen: "Did you see how Bob was picking up on that chick? He used a horrible pick up line."

Camron: "Yeah dude, she was hott, but hes such a Turd Burglar."
by ari ari im so sorry March 23, 2008
A little gremlin who lives in your toilet who steals your turds when you're finished.
"Hey turdburglar, get back here with my shit!"
by SB91777 July 09, 2005
a bald man, whom dwells in your lavatory and will steal your excrement
that scary man on the spice girls movie is such a turd burglar
by gomper November 24, 2006
of one who burgles others waste out of toilets...aka steals poop and deposits it inside his wastecarrier diguised a camera. Another word for loser.
shut up you turd burglar
by bob scratchitt April 10, 2006
Jason Small is a turd burglar
Once Jason Small burgled my turds.
by Jack Auf April 01, 2005
A gay man. Also known as a rumpranger
by dave November 29, 2002