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A turd bomber is an incredibly ignorant asshole.

Someone who spews nothing but shit from their face.

To shit from one's mouth.

A slang term for miscer
guitar.com miscers are such turd bombers
A person that sits on a toilet and talks into his hand as if it were a cb radio and calls in an air strike right before spewing diarrhea out of his rectum like a fire hydrant that just got ran over by a crack head spews water.
Jack: Last night I was taking a shit and called in an air strike on a spider that fell in the toilet.
Jill: you're such a stupid turd bomber jack, get out of my vagina.
by jackisblackandhasanasianpenis August 06, 2013
turds falling from the sky, someone who causes them too. A jerk who brings turds down on other people. A giant flaming turd shot from your butt at something, someone who does that.
Woah, he is a turdbomber!
by bobby scratchitt April 10, 2006