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The catchphrase of a fictional, pixelated racer named Turbo from the movie Wreck-it Ralph.
It could be used when you are pumped or excited. It could also be used as a sarcastic response to a general bummer or a disappointing event.
Girl 1: "Oh boy, I can't wait to go to your sleepover!"
Girl 2: "Turbotastic!"

Guy 1: "Hey, bad news. The server our project was stored in crashed."
Guy 2: "Is it going to get fixed any sooner?"
Guy 1: "Nah."
Guy 2: "Turbotastic."
by otaku sempai kun June 22, 2013
A quote of the greatest racer ever, from the movie, Wreck-it Ralph.
Feeling pretty pumped, man. I fee an urge to scream, "Turbo-tastic!"
by Derpentein May 12, 2013
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