an internet club for older volvo model enthusiasts
volvo turbo station wagon
"i was on turbobricks and you wouldnt beleive what i found out about zipties, duct tape, and adult diapers!!!!"
by volvodom October 09, 2006
Top Definition
1. An affectionate yet self-deprecating nickname for a pre-1996, rear wheel drive, turbocharged Volvo. "Brick" is a reference to the aerodynamic, aesthetic, and structural qualities shared between Volvo automobiles(the older boxy variety) and rectangular bricks of hardened clay commonly used in construction.
"It might be a Volvo and it might be turbocharged but your 2001 Volvo s80 is NOT a turbobrick."

"Is everything on this turbobrick being held together by zip-ties and J.B Weld?!?!"

"My turbobrick is on fire!!!"
by turbobricker August 10, 2007
A turbocharged Volvo. Brick being what most older style Volvos resemble.
Look at that turbobrick go!
by JesusLovesVolvos July 21, 2005
A nickname for an turbocharged Volvo sedan or stationcar.
Hey, im going to buy this turbo brick..
by D3nnis-Tha-Mew-Fan February 19, 2012
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