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1. The act of being raped in the ass by a turban
2. A gaming term in games when you can be a terrorist that involves lying down and repeatedly crawling into the other's anal cavity
3. To get owned
4. A central belief in tan
5. What terrorists do to their donkeys
1. Bend over so I can turban rape you!
2. I just died, wait that guy is turban raping me!
3. Shit! You just got turban raped!
4. When I practice tanism, I try to get the most out of my turban rape.
5. Osama: Donkey, bend over so I can shove this turban up your hairy ass!
Donkey: Shit....not again!
by LiCk My HaIrY bAlLsAc February 04, 2004
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