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A school consisting of many loud black ghetto people, insanely smart asians, rich white kids, and sad goth/emo kids who want to die. Supposedly one of the top 500 schools in the US, yet it doesn't exemplify that. Students here usually roam the halls, are never in class, cuss alot, do drugs, drink, say "i love you" and don't mean it, lie, and disrupt class.
1) Dontavious: Man, this school sucks. Imma drop out n get my GED shawty.
Maurice: Nigga please. You got dat football team to worry about.
Dontavious: Yeah shawty. You straight. I stay.

2) Matt: I WANT TO DIE. I don't have a prom date and no one likes me. WAHHHHH.
Beth: Me too. My mom took my nintendo away. Life sucks! I am so emo, i rock!

3) Cat: All the money in this school goes to football.
Olivia: Yeah, seriously, what the heck.
Cat: Oh well, DAT TUC 05, we run this!
Olivia: FA SHO!
by dcxbabe April 28, 2005
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