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a Landon-like creature.
look at that tucker run
by smoreys January 12, 2009
The ancestral lineage of a group of transient people found living by the Thames London in the 1300's. The group was synonymous for scavenging for food and are the first known humans to successfully live off eating effluent and excrement flowing down the river. Not commonly seen in public and with no real language of their own, their only known word was the word “TUCKER”. The ‘Tuckers’ were commonly seen by dried river beds excitedly devouring whole lakes of excrement.
Holy shit batman, i can smell a Tucker a comin
by George Mellior August 19, 2008
an aussie slang for food
hey, when is the tucker ready love ?
by karnevil August 17, 2005
someone who enjoys tucking their penis between their legs in hopes to create the appearance of a vagina from the front. However this causes the creation of a new genitalia, known as the 'goat' which is the tucked penis viewed from behind.
yo look at bubs, what a tucker

steve i just saw your goat
by hdubsone December 14, 2009
One who practices self imposed emasculation by tucking the male genetalia beween clenched thighs.
She knows he's a tucker and therefore wants nothing to do with him. Real women despise tuckers.
by Area Man 1 November 12, 2009
A feminine looking male, who in all probability tucks his junk and dresses like a lady.
Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs is the best example of a tucker.

Also, you're a tucker.
by JessP by LoRoBo March 17, 2009
1. Cranky, old coot that has a fond admiration of relish and vacuums
2. One who asks too many questions
Walking across the parking lot to move a car, he was blindsided by a nervous Tucker.
by neilt5656 January 27, 2009