When someone is so drunk, and desparate for a ride, that they will ride in the trunk of a car to get somewhere. Often times resulting in them passing out in the trunk- making for excellent black-mail photos!
I drove my two-seater to the party, but Cody needed a ride home. I told him he could ride in the trunk if he really wanted to. We got to his place and he was sleeping like a baby. What a trunk drunk!
by Who's your step-daddy? September 17, 2009
Top Definition
A way to save money when going out on the town. You store a bottle of liquor in your trunk and frequently leave the night club to take a few shots in the parking lot.
I'm a bit short on cash, so I'm bringing a cheap bottle of vodka and going on a trunk drunk tonight.
by Bruce858 April 25, 2011
To get drunk from stolen beer aquired from a beer run
Man after the beer run I got trunk drunk
by Casey Stamey March 03, 2005
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