Get moving, get going, hurry up
"We're going to be late, trundle!"
by g November 12, 2004
To go and do something
Do you want to go for a trundle down rundle mate?
by Watsonator November 26, 2007
The act of rolling boulders off of cliffs, hillsides and other high places. Usually restricted to rural or wilderness settings scoring methods and terminology vary reagionly however the general theme is distruction.
The Baja method awards points for the amount of cactus destroyed only when the trundled stone reaches the water, in what is termed a "Grump". Distruction of any "valued property or life" is generaly avoided.
"Dude, trundle that rock off and see what you can hit."
by WisconsinWarlord March 09, 2009
The act of scissoring, but instead of performed vagina-to-vagina, it is performed taint-to-grundle (hence, trundle). The term gaint may also be applied.
"Oh yeeeeeah, trundle my grundle baby, trundle my grundle!"
by JayMan25 July 10, 2008
1) When a fat person barges (or trundles) through a crowd of people.
2) When a fat person tries to move quickly in a given direction. A cross between a waddle and a trudge.
Look at Fat Sallie trundle through the people at the buffet line!
by blaa91 April 15, 2008
The back/underside of a man's scrotum.
Oh man. My trundle be itchin' real bad.

Oh yeah. She was all up on my trundle.

Your trundle smells.
by Skeb June 02, 2007
a trudnle is a slut or a slutty looking girl that is hot and has it goin on. a chick that has a nice rack nice ass and the overall bundle would be a t.b. trundle bundle
me and this trundle hit the club last night and her trundle friends had the trundle bundle if ya know what i mean? know what i mean? do ya?
by DaTBoiC December 21, 2006

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