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1:to say "yes that is correct."(see for shizzle)2: I agree 3:word up caucasian motherfucker.
When Stephanie stated her tits were to small for stripping, I confirmed the fact by saying "true dat".
by dirty miagi February 14, 2004
to agree with someone.
Guy1: Man that chick is hot
Guy2: True that
by George February 13, 2004
term used to confirm appreciation of fact. see also: true dat, fo real and truesay.
gent in bowler hat: "i say this train is like a tin of sardines!"

youth involuntarily sniffing his armpit: "true that"
by Andrew Duffy February 12, 2004
It means to agree with what someone is saying.
A boy is saying..yoo I hate prez. bush
his homeboy may be like..true that. meaning you feel the same way,
by BaBi February 15, 2004
I agree with you; what you say is true. Used similarly to word or fo shizzle.
"DJ Shadow spins some bomb-ass shizzle."
"True that!"
by Foetus February 13, 2004
when you agree with someone you say true that; also True Dat
Mac computers suck balls

True that!
by ac February 15, 2004
yes; indeed; agreed
sub-urban: Yes, I was making love to my wife last night.
urban: True that, I was hittin' ma all night.
by ski February 15, 2004