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I agree! Or I agree with what you're saying. From Jamaican Creole.
Bredrin #1 "The UK scene's gonna blow up this year ya know"

Bredrin #2 "True Say"
by royale male April 02, 2006
215 45
a word used when you want to voice agreement with someone.
Man 1 - Dat girl dere's buff.
Man 2 - Truesay blood, truesay.
by conjunction July 14, 2003
56 24
Word used to describe something that is completely and utterly true. It should be used sparingly, otherwise it loses its meaning. In fact, it should never even be said aloud, and should be restricted to writing only.
Joseph: I'm a genius.

Francis: Truesay.
by clearlychris February 23, 2009
8 18