The unconditional feeling that you feel for another person. You don't have reasons for loving, you just do. Even if the feeling isn't mutual. The feeling that inspires, that revives, sometimes even hurts. Age, Looks, Social Status, What others think doesn't matter. The sometimes ecstatic, sometimes excruciating blessing from heaven.
What Jesus Christ did for humanity.

When a person thinks about growing old together and not about getting in someone else's pants.

The story in where a 17 year old falls in love with a 13 year old. Where he truly loved her and didn't have the guts to tell her
by John Raef February 09, 2005
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True love is:
farting in bed then laughing with each other if it smells bad,
putting notes in random books at a bookstore,
blowing up anthills and eating beef jerky,
dancing with him while standing on his feet,
taking her home when she throws up at school,
then kissing her on the cheek and taking a nap with her,
sitting on the floor at Hastings with Starbucks and looking at random books,
buying pet rats just because you wanted to,
buying her a big cup of ice from Sonic,
not making him pay for everything,
taking long drives and talking about random stuff,
staring into each others eyes and smiling,
taking 30 minutes to type a sweet long text message just to show that you care,
carrying her inside when she falls asleep in your car,
making fart noises on each others bellies,
staring at them when the door is open in the classroom across the hall,
talking in cute silly voices to each other with wide eyes,
seeing her at her worst and still calling her beautiful,
telling her to call you if she can't sleep no matter what time it is,
not calling him because you want to let him sleep,
still feeling the same spark you did at first every time you kiss,
singing loudly together,
roasting marshmallows for them just how they like them,
walking barefoot outside in freezing cold weather because he wants to,
playing Call of Duty with him even though you suck,
and most of all, true love is being able to understand how the other feels without them even saying a word.
What Corvin and Amber are experiencing is not just any old love, it's true love. :)
by Ambear B. January 08, 2010
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When you drink a litre of coke before you go to bed just so you can lie awake all night thinking about her.
"It's true love, I stayed up all night on a caffeine high thinking about her."
by JR June 24, 2005
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When you've been hurt beyond any fathomable measure...when you not only gag at the mention of relationships and Valentine's Day but feel like smacking the idiot who "thinks" they have it...and realizing that love doesn't exist at all.

Then in the blink of an eye...in the place you never looked...never expected...and could never really understand even if you wanted to...you didn't find true love...it found you. He/she found you.

And they not only healed your broken soul but created an irreplaceable shield for your heart.

True love is being corny but really meaning it.

True love is knowing your friends will be mad you didn't hang out with them, but knowing it'll all be ok as long as you can be with that person.

True love is realizing they're not perfect--but not settling...appreciating.

True love is giving everything you have, everything you are, and not caring whether or not you get something out of it...but knowing in your heart you will because they feel the same.

True love is finding yourself thinking about the most insignificant thing they said to you today and smiling like there's no tomorrow.

Basically...true love is the action...not just the phrase.
A little blurb about true love I came up with off the top of my head:

When you say "I love you", you can lie.

When you say "I need you", it can be for a short time.

When you say "I want you", you can want someone else too.

But if you spend every day, every night, every moment devoted to me, I'll know your love is true.
by Roxy is so in love March 20, 2007
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The remarkable event of one's heart breaking at the exact instant that someone offers you a vial of their blood.
Rochester, NY: February 1994. Though chunks of ice were falling from the sky, he bicycled to Tops supermarket to get me, then a menstruating woman in her mid-twenties, the Sunday New York Times and a bloody steak. Now that's true love. Except, of course, it wasn't. Sometimes I think that love isn't something located in a particular person, like a husband, but, rather, something that's passed from person to person, like an albino rabbit at the petting zoo in Oklahoma City. But where is Oklahoma? This is the problem with not knowing how to position yourself appropriately in a restricted space. Though I'm now an American, I was born in a country where even the children drank tea for breakfast, like pirates in need of root canal surgery. Where were you born? Do you love someone? Describe your favorite lover of all time. My lovers have had the following occupations: bike mechanic, waiter, wedding video maker, performer in a miracle play, rabbi, merchant banker, poet (though I don't think they earned any money), professor, and...I think that's it. No. Art critic. Electrical engineer. Peace corps volunteer. The son of the Chief of Police of Rajasthan. (I believe he received a stipend.)
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist January 17, 2008
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The feeling when you just want someone to be with you no matter what position or feeling you may have. You may be exes and no matter what you/they say or do you know you'll end up loving them in the end. When you know that whenever you see them and your stomach fills up with butterflies. When you just think about them and smile immediately appears on your face. When you think about them night and day. When you would do absolutely anything to make them happy and healthy. When you know that there's someone else in their life that makes them happy, and you'd be willing to let them go to be with that someone.
"All my life I've waited this is true." -Ryan Cabrera

"I know he's my true love, I can't help but think about him. He makes me happy, he makes me sad, he makes me feel like shit. There's no one in this universe that I'd want to spend the rest of my years with. What I have for him will outlast time, I know it. I'm madly in love with him, and there's nothing that's going to change it."
by VictimOrThief? February 17, 2009
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when all you can think of is that special someone and you dont like anyone else anymore

when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with
the love i have for kai is true love!!
by Andrea August 10, 2004
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