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merger of tu che and true, response to or acknowledgement for true and valid point
"You don't clean your room enough."

"Neither do you!"

"True che!"
by Jamie D September 26, 2007
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An amalgamation between true and touché.
Touché, taken from French and its uses in fencing officiating, means, literally, touched or "you got me." Thus, trueché would be used at times in arguments when your opponent has just made a point that is both true and touching.
1: I hate you
2: But we're married
3: Trueché
by patrick bruce June 08, 2004
Comes from the French touche but, unlike touche, is used in response to true statements in order to keep pleasant conversation, so as to say "I agree".
Brent: "Lets go on an adventure!!!"
Natalie: "There is a sale at American Science and Surplus"
Brent: "Trueche, lets do that"
by Retromantic September 23, 2009
to be used:
when someone has made a really good point in an argument.
(at this stage you would merely say touche)

but the point also being highly factual,
makes it possible to also say "true that."

therefore: "trueche" is a combination of the two.
"how'd you know?"
"thats what it said."
"oh, i see now."
"or trueche!"
by key-lairrr August 19, 2007
the combination of true, and touche. what one might say after a very telling and accurate statement is made.
"Dude, I don't even care that I didn't study for my final, it's not going to matter in the long run, last night was way to much fun."
by jillie_is_awesome November 11, 2007

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